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220916 SUTD Common Good Pavilion-20.jpg

Common Good Pavilion

Archifest / 2022



The Common Good Pavilion is a call for deeper reflection on the social value of architecture.


What is Common? What is Good? Rather than finding a common denominator of basic human need, the pavilion strives to reveal (and stage) the multiple narratives and heterogeneous arrays in the practice of everyday urban life.

One can choose to garden, rest, watch passers-by, play with pets, eat, read a poem, practice yoga, arrange the public seats, or talk to a stranger. Here, you are free to engage in any activity, rightfully so.


As David Harvey proclaimed, it is your “right to the city”.


Building with Community 


Common good through collective action emphasizes the role and action of each engaged member in the community. Through participatory placemaking and placekeeping, the community was able to interactively build and maintain the pavilion, while learning about planting, growing and harvesting of edibles.

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With a giving attitude and mutual respect, only can the pavilion thrive. We believe that these actions and processes are the first steps towards more inclusive, active citizenship and city making.



Edible Pavilion

220916 SUTD Common Good Pavilion-1.jpg

Crates made of upcycled drainage cells playfully morph around existing structures to generate an organic spatial system, while edible landscape softens and introduces new flavours to the streetscape, providing a sense of relief to the citizens and improving their wellbeing.

220916 SUTD Common Good Pavilion-18.jpg

Entering the pavilion, you will be greeted by local edible plants that are free to sample, and able to learn about their species and growing process. As an “edible pavilion”, it brings in a new vision for our cityscape, by creating a landscape for all to eat, grow, play and belong together. 

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Urban Life

220916 SUTD Common Good Pavilion-49.jpg

The pavilion provides a platform for shared discussions and forums, where stakeholders can practitioners can share their vision and plans on promoting wellness through architecture and thoughtful designs. 

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220916 SUTD Common Good Pavilion-59.jpg

Have a project in mind?


Urban Cluster 2.605

Singapore University of Technology and Design

8 Somapah Road

Singapore 487372

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