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Behind the Scenes with our team

In our 10 years of being a research lab, our projects have been propelled by passionate designer researchers who have a heart for design and community.

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Chong Keng Hua

The big boss who never fails to make dad jokes and designated selfie taker. His side passion is in giving google food reviews and favourite line is "make it more architecture!"


Natasha Yeo

"nuttie" is a special kind of nut. As many nuts as there are, she brings all sorts of creative flavours to our team and works. Her most used line is, "must be aesthetic!"


Lun Ci Min

Don't be fooled by her cool demeanor, she is just as fiery hlike the excessive number of chilli padi plants at the common good pavilion. Ci Min is a go-getter that never shys away from a challenge. 


Lim Aunn Ning

A fastidious project manager that ensures that everything is running in tip top condition, Aunn should also have a dedicated gdrive folder of her "glam" photos

220916 SUTD Common Good Pavilion-36.jpg

Sofia Foo

Sofia loves building beautiful things and strives to seek value and connection with everything she does. Her love language is food, evident from our overstocked pantry and her overweight beloved hamster.

Our Projects


The Common Good Pavilion

Archifest 2022 / 3 mo

The Common Good Pavilion is a call for deeper reflection on the social value of architecture.


What is Common? What is Good? Rather than finding a common denominator of basic human need, the pavilion strives to reveal (and stage) the multiple narratives and heterogeneous arrays in the practice of everyday urban life. One can choose to garden, rest, watch passers-by, play with pets, eat, read a poem, practice yoga, arrange the public seats, or talk to a stranger. Here, you are free to engage in any activity, rightfully so.


As David Harvey proclaimed, it is your “right to the city”.

Collaborators / SAA Architects, Surbana Jurong, Ground-Up Initiatives (GUI), SIA Archifest


Pelatok Art Farm

Mindful Placemaking / 12 mo

the Pelatok Art Farm was built through the research collaboration between SUTD, CGH and SAA to respond to the need to improve mental wellbeing from a built environment perspective. The Art Farm was by a group of passionate residents that underwent a 12- week nature placemaking program to ideate, co-design and build the Art Farm in a neighbourhood pocket park within Changi Simei. 

Collaborators / Changi General Hospital, SAA Architects, Ground-Up Initiatives (GUI)

Have a project in mind?


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