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Urban Acupuncture/ Ongoing



With sedentarism on the rise, Singaporeans are being diagnosed with chronic diseases (National Population Health Survey, 2020). A study conducted by Fonterra found that 63% of Singaporeans do not exercise more than 3 times a week, making Singaporeans the most inactive in Southeast Asia. Yet 7 in 10 wished they had more time to exericse.

A research collaboration between SUTD, MOHT, and Boon Lay grassroots to conduct a behavioural needs assessment in Boon Lay to:
1. Understand the environmental assets
2. Identify salient health behaviours across various target groups
3. Understand perceptions among residents
4. Inform future interventions to support healthy lifestyles

Our study has found that the 3 main causes of inactivity are attributed to: a) lack of time, b) the perception that exercise is difficult, and c) the unwillingness to go out of their way to exercise. 

Using data analytics, gamification techniques, and innovative urban design strategies,  RECHARGE is a prototype that leverages existing waiting spaces by transforming them into opportunities for physical activities by bringing fitness stations to them. 


RECHARGE seeks to break 150 - 300 minutes of moderate activity in a week (Recommended guidelines by Health Promotion Board 2022) into manageable bite-size opportunities, nudging residents' behaviours towards active living and health ownership.


What is Recharge? 

Recharge while waiting for your bus

Recharge is a fun exercise game that incorporates simple fitness stations, for individuals to recharge their body and phones while waiting for their bus. 

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Background of Recharge

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We conducted engagement sessions to understand resident perception towards physical activity, healthy eating and rest using q-method. 
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Based on the identified behavioural trend and motivations, we profiled residents into different groups represented by persona.
Profiles of Selected Archetypes representative of the 3 demographic groups:  Tracy, Aishah and Wei Jie
Feasiblity Studies.png
From the Behavioural Needs Assessment in Boon Lay, we developed 16 recommendations, among which Recharge was ranked as a top choice by the Boon Lay community and has yielded high implementation potential.


How does Recharge work?




What is this research about? 

A research conducted by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), to investigate: 

1) how urban design and gamification encourages health awareness and active living 

2) how participants participate in self-monitoring of their health, 

3) and how data collected contributes to recognizable health patterns. 

What does this study consist of?

There will be 3 parts to the study: 

1) Participant Profiling: To take a quiz to understand you better 

2) Participate in trial run: Use our prototypes (Recharge) to exercise while waiting at the bus stop and check your data of our usage via our online portal 

3) Post trial run survey: Take the survey after the trial run to see how it benefits you 

Who can participate?

Any individuals who meet the following criteria can participate in this research: 

- 18 - 75 years old 

- Singapore Residents [Singapore Citizens (SC) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR)] 

- Healthy adults (Physical activities not inhibited by any physical disabilities which revolve around impairments of movement, sight, or hearing) 

- Residents of Boon Lay 

How long will this study run for?

Expected duration of: 

Part 1: approximately 30 minutes 

Part 2: approximately 2 weeks 

Part 3: approximately 30 minutes

Where can I find this prototype?

Location: Blk 200 Boon Lay Bus Stop

Date: 21st November - 5th December 2022

Opening hours on weekdays: 9am - 6pm

Opening hours on weekends: 9am - 12pm

Have a project in mind?


Urban Cluster 2.605

Singapore University of Technology and Design

8 Somapah Road

Singapore 487372

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